Inside the brand new ‘Hanging Gardens of Makatron’ art exhibition

Inside the brand new ‘Hanging Gardens of Makatron’ art exhibition

The Hanging Gardens of Makatron sounds elusive but intriguing. What actually is it?

This exhibition is my latest collection of works, mostly canvas with some sculpture and installation pieces. This is my fifth solo show, but first in many years as I’ve been focused on painting large scale murals globally, so it’s been fun and interesting to work in the studio and get back into the small brush work.

What is the inspiration behind the exhibition?

I find inspiration in many places, often other visual art pieces, at times through playing or listening to music. Sometimes I get inspired when walking through the bush or connecting to nature somehow. I’ve tried to create an exhibition with a loose nature theme running through each piece to show a narrative of how we as humans relate to our environment.

Who would this exhibition appeal to? 

I think people who have an interest in the slightly weird, imaginative art world. I try to add a touch of surrealism and adventure in my art, make it a little quirky.

You have literally travelled the world with your work. How have your travels influenced Hanging Gardens of Makatron?

I like to pull influences from places by representing the local animals or plants, but sometimes the influence comes from within or from somewhere not on earth.

Check out Hanging Gardens of Makatron at OTC Gallery, 191 Wellington St, Collingwood from Thursday December 5 to Monday December 9. Find out more at or at his Instagram @mike.makatron.