Infectiously catchy and wholesome all the way: Logan dishes out the rizz on Lost in Translation

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Infectiously catchy and wholesome all the way: Logan dishes out the rizz on Lost in Translation


Those fortunate enough to attend the Mushroom 50 Live anniversary concert at Rod Laver Arena late last year won’t have forgotten Logan’s attention-grabbing, moonwalking performance in a hurry.

This 21-year-old self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and songwriter from Southeast Queensland is also a visual artist and former competitive dancer – he’s got the moves, alright! – and we could immediately understand why Logan was snapped up by Village Sounds booking agency (Vance Joy, Courtney Barnett) before he’d even played a single show.  

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 Lost In Translation, his debut nine-track mixtape, is “intentionally quite lofi” and genre diverse: from vintage Stones-leaning opener Stop & Stare (“I just wanna get you in my room…” – always cute, never creepy) to madcap, brass-infused bop (Wow), heartfelt, crooned ballad (Movies) and so much more. 

Showoff alert: Next To You (“a song for those happy waking up next to their person”) is just one of this mixtape’s “entirely adlibbed” tracks, laid down while Logan freestyled over guitar loops in his bedroom. 

“Japan made, Kiwi born, Aussie raised…” – Logan provides some cheeky autobiographical detail over Huh’s infectious, jogging pace.

Getting stood up, complimenting a gal’s dress sense, falling in love with your neighbour – it’s consistently wholesome content. Self-fulfilling prophecy Famous features hooks for days, a come-hither bassline and hooks that pop. Enter Logan’s sporadic, heart-stoppingly unexpected “ARRRRGH”s and we’re fully sold.

Logan’s got mad charisma and cheeky-chappy energy in abundance – star-making qualities that cannot be taught. Think: Shirley Strachan meets Robbie Williams.