In The Ruins I See The Future

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In The Ruins I See The Future

Adina Kraus, The King of Nothingness, 2022, bronze

This exhibition imagines the potential for new worlds through the collapse of our present one.

Set against the backdrop of our current world with its pervasive crises and perpetual catastrophes—such as capitalism, colonialism, industrialization, globalization, and individualism—the featured artists engage in processes of looking backward to see forward. Exploring powerful themes such as death ceremonies, ancestral voice, and religious and cultural ritual, the artworks in this exhibition each converge in a space that is pregnant with oracular visions and numinous sounds.

This exhibition reveals that activist and anarchist practice can be a powerful form of adaptive and ethical re-ordering of social structures, leading to the abandonment of existing hierarchies. Through this, the ruinous terrains showcased throughout the exhibition acknowledge iconoclasm as potent gesture toward healing and regrowth.

IN THE RUINS I SEE THE FUTURE offers a communal gaze that divines a future both seemingly doomed and auspiciously glimmering; it offers a thought-provoking and immersive experience that invites the viewer to reflect on the present, imagine new possibilities, and find hope amidst the ruins.