Icehouse are a band every Australian rock fan needs to experience live

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Icehouse are a band every Australian rock fan needs to experience live


Australia’s own Icehouse aced it at the Palais. Opening the night, Diesel rocked it out with his three-piece band. He had lots of energy, talented guitar solos and beautiful harmonies in his songs, which included his 1992 hit ‘Tip Of My Tongue’.

Icehouse’s show started with a 40 year montage video, as band members slowly emerged onstage. Right from opener, the eponymous hit ‘Icehouse’, Davies soaked up the crowd atmosphere.

Having fun with the audience, Davies asked all the ladies to raise their hand then joked that Paul, one of their guitar players, was watching them. They used this as a segway to rock into their hit ‘Hey Little Girl’, featuring a knee-melting saxophone solo. ‘Gotta Be Crazy’ saw Davies alternate between playing guitar and just singing, and the crowd loudly and excitedly sang the words back.

Davies called upon Michael Paynter to sing a duet with him during ‘Touch The Fire’ and their voices worked wonders together. Between songs, stories flowed candidly, including the origin story of ‘Fatman’ – when, in their original incarnation as Flowers, the band tried recreating an Angels song. It was these moments that made the night that much more intimate. This intimacy continued during ‘Don’t Believe Anymore’, featuring just Davies and his guitar. It was a much slower, heartfelt song, and in that moment it was just you and Davies in the room.

Saving the best for last, they played hit song ‘Great Southern Land’ which featured a beautiful piercing guitar solo. After performing classic covers of ‘The Jean Genie’ by David Bowie and ‘Get It On’ by The Power Station, Icehouse performed ‘We Can Get Together’ before leaving the stage.

The break didn’t last long – Icehouse came back to perform ‘Can’t Help Myself’. Icehouse is a band every Australian rock music fan needs to see.


Highlight: I loved their acoustic version of ‘Man Of Colours’ – it was so beautiful.

Lowlight: The stage manager at the end trying to rush the band to finish.

Crowd Favourite: Every song.