Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell from Gomez add second Melbourne show

Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell from Gomez add second Melbourne show

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Following the exhaustion of tickets for their show on June 1 – Ben Ottewell and Ian Ball of Gomez have added a new show on Monday May 30.

Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell from the English rock band Gomez are performing together for an intimate live performance at the Brunswick Ballroom on May 30. With the pair selling out their show on June 1, their Australian debut performing as a duo has been met with undeniable excitement. Both with accomplished solo careers, the pair will be singing songs that span across their eclectic 20+ year career – ranging from the warm and mellow sounds of their band work, to the previously unheard and unreleased.

What you need to know

  • Ian Ball and Ben Ottewell are making their Australian debut as a duo later this month
  • Following their show on June 1 selling out, they’ve added a new date for May 30
  • The pair will be performing at The Brunswick Ballroom

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Gomez burst onto the scene in the late 90s, with the band from Sheffield winning the 1998 Mercury Prize for their debut Bring It On. “It’s muscle memory, it’s occurred to all of us,” Ben Ottewell told us in 2019 when asked about touring with Gomez once more. “When we were in rehearsal before touring again, if you didn’t concentrate, you played it right. We’d played over a thousand shows and it’s been engrained in there somewhere.”

At The Brunswick Ballroom, you’ll be treated to the soulful voice of Ben Ottewell, whose repertoire includes his 2011 solo debut Shapes & Shadows, a showcase of blues-rock expertly blended with powerful and evocative lyricism. He’s contrasted by the softly sung Ian Ball, whose solo work explores the boundaries of indie pop and folk rock on Who Goes There – his sole solo album. Together, they’re an unmissable duo, playing with uncontested, oxymoronic, sonic beauty.

With their first show selling out in a couple of days, this is not one to be missed. Grab your tickets before they go by heading here.

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