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Hollow World


Who are we chatting to? I’m Theo and my band is Hollow World. I play guitar and do backing vocals.

When did Hollow World get together?  Late 2012; time really flies when you’re harassing your bandmates with incredible puns.

Why did you start up?  I’ve always been into music, I grew up around my dad playing in bands. It’s become such an incredibly intrinsic aspect of my perception of self. I’ll be making music for as long as I live.

Do you think you’re good at it?  It can be really difficult, there’s so many insanely talented people here in Melbourne. We’ve always put all of our effort into creating and performing music to the best of our abilities and I like to think that shows.

What makes you happiest about music? Music is about sharing an experience, one that often conveys and inspires an emotional response in the listener. What could bring people closer than feeling the same things about the same subject together?


What makes you unhappiest about it? Right now only that I cannot be making, playing and teaching music 24/7. I would love to (and am trying) to get to a point where this is what I do full time.

What’s your proudest moment with Hollow World? Playing live, seeing people I don’t know wearing our merch and shouting our lyrics. It gives me goosebumps and it makes me feel incredibly humbled and in awe.