Hip Hop: Fresh Violet is one of the most promising voices in Aus hip hop

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Hip Hop: Fresh Violet is one of the most promising voices in Aus hip hop


Rising producer and rap queen Fresh Violet is one the most promising female voices in the Australian hip hop scene. Known for her high-energy performances, the quirky rapper has a refreshing take on the genre, unafraid to experiment with exciting new sounds. She recently released her six-track EP ACKBARS. It features a star-studded lineup of collaborators such as Clue, Oddsox, Joey Maker and Defron. Mixing electronic sounds with a grimy rap style and heavy beats, the EP is fuelled by attitude. Each song is a dark wonderland with spacey synths that’ll get your heart racing. It’s the perfect prelude to her upcoming album 50 Shades of Violet which is due for release mid-2018.This year, Fresh Violet will be hosting Laundry Bar’s Girl To The Front showcase as part of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival. The showcase will see strong, female hip hop artists take to the stage, featuring the likes of Dijok Mai, G Elenil, Chelsea Jane, Yung Baddie, Jorja and Netti. Come along to meet other hip hop heads and support the empowering female voices of Australian rap. It’s going down Thursday July 19.

The hip hop dance scene in Australia is booming. More hip hop classes are popping up across town as the respected style receives the attention it deserves. This year is the fifth anniversary of the iconic Space Jam dance battle, brought to you by dance studio Montanasa. Aimed at bringing the Melbourne dance community together, they’ll present a competitive fun-filled night of B-Boy Dance battles. With crew battles and freestyle events, winners of the B-Boy battle will be awarded flights to Japan and qualification for Space Jam in Tokyo. Local artists Amin Payne, P-Unique, 3K and Noble Natives will provide the tunes for the energetic event. If you’re interested in competing, check out the Montanasa Facebook page to register. Interstate and International Crews are also welcome. Show your support for the hip hop dance community and check out Space Jam Vol. 5 this Saturday May 26 at Montanasa studios.

US rapper Joyner Lucas is bringing his I’m Kind Of A Big Deal tour to OZ later this year. You probably know the Joyner from his controversial single ‘I’m Not Racist’. The music video went viral, rapping about race, stereotypes and society from different perspectives. It opens with a white male in a “Make American Great Again”hat, yelling racist tropes making the video uncomfortable but necessary to watch. Not afraid to shy away from the difficult topics, Joyner Lucas is known for his vivid storytelling and intelligent lyrics. The Massachusetts emcee is in the process of completing his debut album, following the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape 508-507-2209 in 2017. Catch Joyner Lucas at his very first Australian show when he performs at Festival Hall on Friday August 10.