Hinds : I Don’t Run

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Hinds : I Don’t Run


Opening track ‘The Club’ gets you nodding along instantly. The album follows this kicking-back-and-loving-life vibe; the atmospheric consistency makes it easy to listen through the whole album in one sitting. ‘Rookie’ hits all the right notes as well, though it is placed immediately before album closer, ‘Ma Nuit’ – a sombre track that sounds like a traditional Spanish folk tune. Though reminiscent of their first album, it’s obvious that all band members are more confident in their abilities, and the editing is way more polished.

Highlight – and black sheep – is ‘Linda’. It’s a sound we haven’t heard before; that is, the softer guitar and intimate vocals make you feel like you’re sharing a heartfelt conversation with the band.

Overall, the unoriginality can be excused due to the sheer enjoyment you pull from every single song. Better production, angsty lyrics and confident licks make this the album you play at a party when you want people to think you’re laid-back and cool.