Hiatus Kaiyote members will play an improvised show at the Brunswick Ballroom

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Hiatus Kaiyote members will play an improvised show at the Brunswick Ballroom

words by Kaya Martin

On January 25, Swooping will set the Brunswick Ballroom alight with a fully improvised set.

There’s nothing quite as electrifying as improv. The music being made is spontaneous, ephemeral – no two shows are the same, which makes it all the more special to witness one. 

Playing a set with no practiced structure to fall back can be high risk, of course. One misstep can quickly deteriorate into cacophony. Doing it right takes a group of artists who are so in tune with each other and fluent in the language of music that they can predict the ebbs and flows and know just when to switch gears. 

Swooping at the Brunswick Ballroom

  • The Hiatus Kaiyote side project will play a set on January 25
  • FKA Swooping Duck, Swooping is a three-piece improv group based in Melbourne
  • Tickets for the event are on sale now

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Enter Swooping: the band that is set to take the reins of the Brunswick Ballroom on January 25. Formerly known as Swooping Duck, the group is made up of three-quarters of the influential jazz funk group Hiatus Kaiyote.

Together, bassist Paul Bender, keyboardist Simon Mavin and drummer Perrin Moss have an impeccable chemistry developed through years working together in Hiatus Kaiyote as well as a residency at the Gasometer Hotel in 2016. 

Groovy and smooth with a taste for the strange, Hiatus Kaiyote rose to fame after debuting at the Melbourne Bohemian Masquerade Ball in 2011. They quickly went on to receive praise from music legends including Prince, Erykah Badu and Questlove. Three albums, three Grammy nominations and a 2022 AIR Award for Best Independent Jazz Album or EP later, and the band has secured its place among Australia’s best.

Swooping is the side project where the Hiatus Kaiyote members blow off steam. “Just ears, adrenaline, focus, being,” reads their bio. In 2020, they released a collection on Bandcamp titled Improvisations 2015 – 2017 featuring 14 short tracks that will give audiences a taste of what to expect from the upcoming show at the Brunswick Ballroom. 

Tickets for Swooping at the Brunswick Ballroom on January 25 are up for sale now. To secure yours, head here

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