‘Here Comes Everybody’: No wonder the kids luv Spacey Jane

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‘Here Comes Everybody’: No wonder the kids luv Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane
words by Bryget Chrisfield

'Here Comes Everybody' was actually the working title for Wilco’s 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' record (2001).

When vocalist/guitarist Caleb Harper stumbled across this fact, he immediately recognised this phrase encapsulated the themes explored throughout Spacey Jane’s second album. After reaching out to Jeff Tweedy for permission to use the title, the Wilco frontman gave this deservedly so-hot-right-now, Fremantle-based band his blessing via letter (which we trust is already framed and hanging – pride of place – in Spacey Jane’s trophy cabinet).

The band has admitted that bassist Peppa Lane “revitalised” Spacey Jane when she joined the fold in 2019. Together with Harper’s emotive vocals, which exude authenticity, Lane’s steadfast playing – deftly stepping in and out of the spotlight as required – defines Spacey Jane’s sound. And when this pair sing unison vocals? Ouch my heart.

Absolutely everything we adore about Spacey Jane’s multiple award-winning megahit Booster Seat – sun-soaked riffs, laidback-cool rhythm section, bittersweet lyrics and glistening shards of unison, girl-boy singing (used sparingly to irresistible effect) – can be found in this album’s opener, Sitting Up. Spacey Jane have already landed a song in the Hottest 100’s Top 3 two years on the trot – with 2020’s Booster Seat and 2021’s Lots Of Nothing – and would be fools not to revisit this winning formula, right?

Members of Spacey Jane flew from Perth to the Gold Coast – with no knowledge of when they’d be able to go home due to Western Australia’s strict, Covid-related border closures –  to mine some of Konstantin Kersting’s pop smarts for Here Comes Everybody and the risky pilgrimage proved well worth it. According to the presser, the Tones And I and Mallrat hitmaker helped Spacey Jane unlock “all these hacks and secrets to writing music”.


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During standout charmer Lot Of Nothing, so-Aussie road poetry (“We should pull in at the servo, honey/ I need to get some air…”) meets Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu’s shimmering guitar parts, which teeter on (U2’s) The Edge at times.

“You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to/ I won’t hold you to that/ Will you hold my things while I go under?/ I’m not sure I’ll be back” – It’s Been A Long Day channels lockdown anxiety so accurately it almost triggers PTSD, yet we somehow simultaneously ache for repeat listens. Pulling Through adds a silver lining by way of charming whistling refrain. Then once this closer’s arrangement pares right back to just vocals and guitar, a delightful surprise drop leaves us feeling like we just found a crumpled-up twenno in an old jacket pocket while down’n’out.

Here Comes Everybody deals The Killers Mr Brightside-level euphoria alongside soul-aching, first love break-up ballads you’ll wish were around when you were experiencing such things.

No wonder the kids luv Spacey Jane!

Here Comes Everybody is out today (June 24) via AWAL. Order it now by heading to their website here.