Hello, who is it?

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Hello, who is it?

Briiiiing briiiiing…” Don’t pick up the phone, it could be your real estate agent asking for the rent, or a scam… or worse, your grandmother! If you hate picking up the phone as much as Steph Teitelbaum does, you’re going to love this show.

Hello, who is it? explores the impact that one phone call can have, from the silly to the serious, and how it can potentially change your life… if you bother to answer it. Steph is an avid people watcher, so this show draws inspiration from all walks of life. Whether it’s based in truth or not.

If you’re a fan of fast paced absurdity, like to laugh or prefer to text… pull up a chair (chairs provided) and watch.

‘Masterwork of utter silliness.’ Beat Magazine

‘The laughter just piles upon the laughter… A shining star at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and a must see.’ Weekend Notes

‘Outrageous conception… outrageously funny.’ Stage Whispers

Steph has performed to sell-out crowds in her comedy cabaret show The Illegitimate Love Children of Bob Downe and Magda Szubanski. She most recently performed in The Melbourne Uni Law Revue which was awarded Best New Written Work. Steph is also a presenter on 3RRR and a voice over artist for 7/11 and Disney Plus and has worked as Second Assistant Director for Working Dog on Utopia as well as ABC’s Fisk.