HEILUNG announce debut Australian tour

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HEILUNG announce debut Australian tour

Words by Zachary Sanderson

The German/Nordic folk collective HEILUNG are set to play shows in both Melbourne and Sydney next year.

There isn’t a modern musical label you can attach to HEILUNG. Since beginning in 2014, they have set out to encapsulate their Germanic and Nordic past through musical ‘heilung’, which is German for healing.

Authenticity is something this act does so well, considering that their inspiration for songwriting is based on runes that are hundreds of years old.

HEILUNG Australian tour

  • Thursday, March 2: Big Top, Luna Park – Sydney
  • Saturday, March 4: Forum, Melbourne

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Not only is their dedication to the history of their songs paramount, their shows are also surreal. The members are clad in a series of old Norse attire, replicating battle-ready warriors who look like they’re about to face the Roman legions.

From hit television series like Game of Thrones and Vikings to video game giants like Conqueror’s Blade VII: “Wolves of Ragnarök and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II to the blockbuster Robert Eggers film The Northman, HEILUNG’s music is becoming an ever-present in explosive period productions.

Being a collective, you can expect the stage to be enveloped by a sound that is incomparable to other large bands. In total, they tour with over 20 performers at one time. Featuring four dedicated members, eight sessions musicians and almost 15 ‘heilung warriors.’

However, the music isn’t just war cries: the dynamics are incredible. In their leading moments, throat-singing accompanies a slow reverberating medium that sits behind everything. It’s the constant hum that acts as the foundation upon which everything else builds.

When the other instruments come in and the drums start to pound, the guttural talent follows with the deepest baritone precision.

Ahead of their fourth album Drif which was released in August, the act has committed to two Australian shows next year. They are set to play Luna Park in Sydney on March 2 and The Forum in Melbourne on March 4.

Tickets on sale October 14 at 9AM. Early bird presale on October 12 at 9AM.