Grand Perceptor: Reunion Show

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Grand Perceptor: Reunion Show

11 years after winning Triple J unearthed comp and performing at Groovin The Moo, they terror rock trio has returned.

A strange dream has been said to have spawned the reformation.

The dream was told as the following.

The monkey scratched another line into the memory stone and gently blew the dust from it’s surface.

Circumnavigation of the great fireball had been completed, the eleventh time.

At first the rumbling was mild, but the shaking of the earth grew, and the monkeys scattered, as the stone rose from it’s slumber, levitating into the cloud of dust and dappled light.

A hum, a tremble, a squeal, and a voice echoed.

“I will be the water, and water no more.”

* Free entry * 9pm start *

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