The best smokey tequila witch-antidote cocktail recipe

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The best smokey tequila witch-antidote cocktail recipe

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Recipe by Grand Lafayette
Photography by Griffin Simm

If you’re looking for a clinical twist on your boring old cocktail, you’re in luck. Careful: some assembly required.


  • 30mL of selected tequila (standard serve) or selected Japanese Yuzu 30ml (non-alcoholic), served in a mini measuring or shot glass separately

Premixed and filtered

  • 60ml of strawberry juice
  • 60ml of apple juice
  • 30ml of fresh lime juice
  • 15ml of blueberry juice
  • 15ml of blackcurrant juice


  • IV pole
  • Dripping set (including a dripping bag, a dripping tube and an information card sticker)
  • Smoking gun (this recipe uses applewood flavour)
  • Rock glass
  • Shot glass
  • Highball glass


  1. Fill dripping bag with premixed and filtered juice mixer
  2. Fill a shot glass with preferred tequila or Japanese yuzu
  3. Infuse tequila or Japanese yuzu with flavour by filling the rock glass with smoke from the smoking gun and place this over the shot glass of tequila/Japanese yuzu
  4. Before serving, set up the IV pole
  5. Connect the dripping bag and dripping tube (include the information card)
  6. Fill the highball glass with ice


  1. Gently remove the rock glass to reveal the shot of tequila/Japanese yuzu
  2. Pour the infused tequila/yuzu into the highball glass
  3. Place the dripping tube in the highball glassTurn on the dripping switch

You can also try this smoked-tequila cocktail at Grand Lafayette.