Government Proposals Threaten Hospitality Industry

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Government Proposals Threaten Hospitality Industry


“Instead of focusing on the streets where the real problems are, the Baillieu Government and Victoria Police are making the same mistake as the Brumby Government – by blindly pursuing a vendetta against the hospitality industry,” states prominent night club owner Peter Iwaniuk.

“On top of exorbitant fee increases and other harsh regulations, the Baillieu Government has recently announced it is introducing a demerit points system against licensed venues and amending the Liquor Control Act 1998 so that even “using profane, indecent or obscene language” inside a venue can be deemed to be disturbing the amenity and grounds for prosecution of a licensee,” he continues.

Mr Iwaniuk then echoes the common sentiment of the community in saying “Individuals must be made responsible and accountable for their own actions,” as opposed to comprimising this city’s world-famous nightlife culture with measures that have proved ineffective in the past.