Good Boy : Shirk Life

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Good Boy : Shirk Life


In a political climate in need of polemic voices questioning what our higher ups are doing, this snide and observational collection of punk tunes delves into the country’s most pressing political issues and teenage life in suburban Brisbane.

‘A Waste Of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’opens the EP on an energetically punk note as vocalist Rian King shrieks and yells about our nation’s marriage equality plebiscite over a propulsive guitar riff. Instrumentally, the trio explore varying sounds from the acoustic guitar-driven suburban musings of ‘1972 VW Superbug’to the chaotic and explosive ‘Fishing With A Shotgun’. Without sounding derivative at all, the band presents a new kind of punk sound for a new generation of listeners.

King’s vocals are also a standout of the trio’s sound. In pure punk fashion, his vocal qualities are coarse and gravelly which drives home the vitriol of his personal lyrics on the destructive ‘Consume, You Yuppy Dog’. Despite this, his vocals aren’t atonal and have a splendid quality to them – especially on ‘Majic Country’. The EP is a fiery debut from Good Boy and bodes well for the band’s future.