Gig of the Week # 2 – U2 and JayZ

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Gig of the Week # 2 – U2 and JayZ


It’s U2 and Hova! Holy fuck!

Gosh it feels like this has been coming for such a long time and I guess those ticketholders must be pretty much buzzing all day every day just thinking about seeing U2 and Jay-Z in one night. That’s, like, two of the biggest musical acts that have ever even hit the puny shores of this antipodean wasteland and, like the magnetic poles switching, I think most of us are basically unsure what’s going to happen when they do. Shit’s going to get real this week when this gig actually goes down at Etihad Stadium tonight Wednesday December 1 and this Friday December 3. Either way – Bono will be in shades, and Jay-Z will be fucking awesome. It’s gonna rule. It’s U2 and Hova! Holy fuck!