Get ready to throw some spoons: cult classic ‘The Room’ is screening at Cinema Nova

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Get ready to throw some spoons: cult classic ‘The Room’ is screening at Cinema Nova

The Room

So damn bad that it circles right back around to being brilliant, 'The Room' is a quintessential piece of cult cinema.

An absolute disaster-piece, its mishandling of dramatic themes and bizarre script have landed it its rightful place amongst the likes of Manos: The Hands of Fate and literally anything directed by Neil Breen. For two nights in August, it’s screening at Cinema Nova, for an interactive event full of line-quoting, laughing and lots and lots of spoons.

What you need to know

  • Cult classic The Room is screening at Cinema Nova
  • It’s an interactive audience event filled with line-quoting and spoon throwing
  • The Room is returning to the big screen for two showings, on August 5 and August 6

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The plot itself? The Room is a Shakespearian tragedy of incredibly successful Johnny, who seems to have it all. A beautiful fiancée, great friends, an apartment filled with inexplicable framed photos of spoons … what more could an ambiguously aged man with an ambiguous European accent dream of?

However, Johnny’s perfect world crumbles when his lover, the duplicitous Lisa sets her sights on his best friend Mark. Full of illogical dialogue, weird pacing and baffling phrasing, The Room really does feel like its been through the wringer of Google Translate a couple too many times. If you don’t know what we mean, check this scene out:

A critical and commercial flop when it was first released, The Room is now screened to audiences around the globe, who flock to the cinema to quote lines and throw (eco-friendly) spoons at the screen.

Cinema Nova makes up a huge part of Melbourne’s cultural fabric. With cheap as chips screenings on Mondays and heaps of interactive screenings of cult films like this one, it’s an absolute bastion of the Lygon Street scene.

So, what are you waiting for? Chuck on your most ill-fitting suit and grab your American football and get ready to throw some spoons.

It all goes down for two screenings at Cinema Nova on August 5 and 6. For more information, and to get your tickets, head here.