Geraldine Quinn: The Passion of Saint Nicholas

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Geraldine Quinn: The Passion of Saint Nicholas


This event is part of the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“If these young people stick together, they could really make a go of an arts career”.

Thus spoke a long-forgotten judge of the epoch-making 1991 St John’s Regional College, Dandenong Talent Quest, when Geraldine and her brother Nicholas took first place. All through high school, Gerry and Nick shared a passion for music – two competitive siblings with one teenage dream of playing stadiums all around the world! That 1991 trophy was the validation of their hopes! The beginning of two glittering careers…

Then he got a “normal job”, and she went into musical comedy – could things get any worse? Hell yeah!

After putting on extra performances and playing to sold out crowds with a blistering come-back show BROAD in 2022, Geraldine Quinn (Spicks and Specks, The Weekly, Upper Middle Bogan and that superannuation ad on the escalator) returns to Malthouse Theatre with her most personal show to date.

Growing up in a ridiculously large family in Wagga Wagga, then moving to the outskirts of Melbourne, siblings Gerry and Nick were particularly close. He picked out her first guitar, he played on her first starry-eyed four-track demo and he tried (in vain) to get her to learn basic music theory. She still sucks at it – ask her band! Yet in spite of her dodgy guitar tabs, Geraldine stumbled into some semblance of a performance career, while Nick did the 9-to-5 family thing. So what happens when the big plans you shared as kids get stretched in two different directions?

The Passion of Saint Nicholas is a rock cabaret about following your heart, the friction of divergent paths and keeping the band together when you lose your biggest cheerleader.