‘Funny jokes, language stuff and lots of sex’: ISMO takes over Australia 

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‘Funny jokes, language stuff and lots of sex’: ISMO takes over Australia 

Words by Lesleigh Luiten

“I've got 3 weeks in Melbourne, so I have 21 days to just impregnate Australia. No! I'm not going to impregnate anyone, I'm gonna use a condom.”

He might be the ‘Funniest Person in the World’ but Finnish Comedian Ismo still tests his jokes out on his friends. Beware, those who don’t laugh at his jokes are no longer considered his friends.

So when he tested this one-liner out on us, we made sure to laugh (but that was easy because it was actually funny). “If you are at the castle wall and you see somebody coming; if it’s the king you take a bow, but if it’s the enemy you take a bow.”

Ismo – Watch Your Language

  • Melbourne, Greet Centre, Mezz 4-23 April
  • Sydney, Factory Theatre 24 April
  • Perth, Rechabite Hall 26-27 April
  • Brisbane, Powerhouse 29-30 April

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Ismo is well-known for his unique perspective on dissecting languages. He thrives in the discomfort that is being an outsider, language barriers and trying to understand. He’s not afraid to laugh at himself which makes us laugh along with him. No two shows are the same because depending where you are in the world will impact how you understand his comedy.

“I sometimes have to tell jokes differently. Some jokes are only Finnish and some jokes are only English. Some are only American English, some are universal, or some only work in Australia or the UK. Some jokes are fine in any language. Many of my jokes are language orientated. It’s kind of funny to try to translate word play because it kind of doesn’t translate but you might find something else funny when you try to translate a wordplay joke.”

Although there is no way to eliminate life’s challenges completely – Ismo finds comedy helps. “Getting laid helps more, but comedy helps”. “I just love to talk about jokes. My whole life is just jokes. And other stuff sure, I can talk about other things but I always come up with so many joke ideas.”

For Ismo, no topic is too sensitive and no situation is too serious to joke about (except maybe customs). “Everything is on the table. But it’s like the harder the topic, or the more difficult the topic the better the joke has to be. So, I think if you are going through some really dark things the joke just has to be really good. If I come up with a good enough joke about anything then I am going to tell it.”

It’s been four years since Ismo was last on Australian soil and he knows the only way he will actually make it into the country is if he keeps himself quiet. He admits that it is fun to say something silly at the wrong place – but there is one place he will never joke. “I’m not going to be making any food jokes when I am coming into Australia, never joke at customs,” he tells us. “I am not going to be bringing any bananas or nuts to Australia. I’ll bring two nuts but they are in my scrotum. I hope I can bring those nuts. Or deez nuts.”

We can expect Ismo’s usual brand of language comedy however something has changed since he was in the country last. “Also last time I was there I was married but now I’m not, I’m single, I’m divorced. So you can expect me to have lots of sex with different people. That’s what you can expect.

“My goal: I’ve got 3 weeks in Melbourne so I have 21 days to just impregnate Australia. No! I’m not going to impregnate anyone. No, I’m gonna use a condom!”

Other than getting word out there that Ismo is sexually available, we did manage to have a few serious moments in between innuendos. In terms of the comedy line-up, we can expect a recount of Ismo’s Divorce and what it’s like to be single in 2023. “Now I am trying to learn to be single again because I was married for a long time, more than 10 years. So, there’s going to be stuff about that.”

“Also some jokes about observing languages and cultures. Also just some random stuff. I still don’t know everything I’m going to do.There’s some jokes that I am currently doing that are only for America and it’s hard to tell what works in Australia because it’s been a while. But Australians love comedy so it’s going to be great.”

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