Full Flower Moon Band are playing a show at The Espy next month

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Full Flower Moon Band are playing a show at The Espy next month

Full Flower Moon Band

Catch their unique blend of folk, rock, and experimental music at the legendary Gershwin Room.

The Full Flower Moon Band is a blazing force in the rock and roll scene, with a name that embodies their boundless creative energy and willingness to explore new frontiers. They’re heading to The Espy for a blazing show in the iconic Gershwin Room on April 7.

Full Flower Moon Band at The Espy

  • Full Flower Moon Band are playing a show in the legendary Gershwin Room
  • The band are hot off the release of their latest album, Diesel Forever
  • They’re set to take over The Espy on April 7

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Since their first album Chinatown, the band has continued to release music and tour both in Australia and internationally, solidifying their reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the Australian music scene. Their ever-evolving lineup, which has included an all-female crew, centers around the dynamic and charismatic Kate Dillon.

Now, with the release of Diesel Forever – Dillon’s first album with a permanent band – the group unleashes a fierce and gritty sound that pulses with raw power. Michael Badger, an ARIA award-winning producer, masterfully mixed the album, which features Luke Hanson on drums, Caleb Widener and Christian Driscoll on guitars, and the newest addition to the band, bassist Marli Smales. Together, they ignite the stage with their explosive energy, leaving audiences craving more.

As Australia’s longest continuously running live music venue, The Espy carries the torch of a rich and storied history of live music. Its legendary reputation is built on the many unforgettable performances that have taken place within its walls over the years, making it a cherished landmark in the Australian music scene.

Grab your tickets to their show on April 7 at The Espy’s own Gershwin Room by heading here.