Flowdan, Kanine and Wilkinson lead Touch Bass 2024 lineup

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Flowdan, Kanine and Wilkinson lead Touch Bass 2024 lineup

Touch Bass festival
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The largest bass music festival to hit Australia and New Zealand is returning this March, with Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland dates.

Get ready for bass you can feel in your bones, because Australia’s annual bass showdown Touch Bass has just dropped an earth-shaking lineup for 2024.

The festival will return this Easter, still setting the pace on all things low-end and finally bringing it to Melbourne.

Touch Bass 2024 Dates

  • Mar 24 – Shed 10, Auckland
  • Mar 29 – Melbourne Pavilion, Melbourne
  • Mar 29 – Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
  • Mar 30 – Wellington Square, Perth
  • Mar 31 – Eaton’s Hill Outdoors, Brisbane
  • Mar 31 – Horden Pavillion, Sydney

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At this year’s Touch Bass, London producer and DJ Wilkinson will bring his beat-thumping blend of drum and bass, dubstep and future jungle.

Also flying in from the UK will be electronic and dance artisrt Kanine and grime rapper and producer Flowdan. Fresh off an unforgettable late night set at Meredith, Flowdan will grace the Touch Bass crowd with his heavy-hitting rhythyms.

Elsewhere on the lineup, find Peekaboo, Infekt b2b Jessica Audiffred, SOTA and Ren Zukii.

“Bass music” is a broad term that encompasses various electronic music genres characterized by a prominent emphasis on bass frequencies. These genres often feature heavy, deep, and powerful basslines, and they are popular in club and dance music scenes. The term can refer to several subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics.

Some of the key subgenres of bass music include dubstep, drum and bass, trap, future bass, bass house and grime, to varying extents.

Broadly speaking, bass music can be used to describe any genre that places a significant emphasis on bass frequencies. As the electronic music landscape continues to evolve, new subgenres and styles are constantly emerging under the umbrella of bass music.

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