Flinders Street Station’s mysterious ballroom is reopening for RISING exhibition

Flinders Street Station’s mysterious ballroom is reopening for RISING exhibition

Patricia Piccinini

Bookings are now open for Patricia Piccinini’s landmark exhibition, 'A Miracle Constantly Repeated', held in Flinders Street Station's mysterious ballroom.

As RISING Festival notes, it’s all in the name.

Patricia Piccinini’s A Miracle Constantly Repeated, is returning to the Flinders Street Station ballroom, which was hidden for decades, but is now reopening its doors for Australia’s pre-eminent visual artist, as the entire city reopens around it.

What you need to know

  • Patricia Piccinini is a world-renowned Australian visual artist
  • Bookings are now open for her new exhibition A Miracle Constantly Repeated 
  • It’s being held at Flinders Street Station’s Ballroom and reopens November 8

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The Flinders Street Station ballroom (and its surrounding hidden rooms) will open to the public on November 8 to become A Miracle Constantly Repeated—an eco-system of hyper-real silicone sculptures, video, sound and light devised by Piccinini.

From the famous Canberra Skywhale to her gripping anthropomorphic visual creations – each a stark comment on sexuality, motherhood, and the relationship between humans and the natural world – Piccinini has spent close to three decades exploring humanity’s relationship to technology and the environment.

Working on the border of art and science, her work has been exhibited at major Australian and international institutions and events including the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane; and the Vancouver and Venice biennales.

For her first extensive hometown show in almost two decades, Australia’s foremost visual artist will augment the ballroom’s architecture with enormous dioramas, sentient saplings, nurturing marine mammals and enormous life-sustaining foliage.

In A Miracle Constantly Repeated, technology and nature coexist and combine in an empathetic vision of the future built on resilience and care. Entry is via door at 273 Flinders Street, near Boost Juice.

Bookings are available now.