Bali smugglers to Bob Dylan: Five Melbourne theatre shows to see in April

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Bali smugglers to Bob Dylan: Five Melbourne theatre shows to see in April

Words by Ben Lamb

There’s a stack of marvellous theatre and stage shows kicking off in Melbourne this month. We’ve got musicals about drug smugglers, a dance journey through China, and even a musical written by Bob Dylan.

Girl from North Country

We’ve hit the jackpot in Melbourne lately, getting shows like Hamilton, 9 to 5 and Jagged Little Pill, each of which have had some pretty famous names behind them, like Lin Manuel Miranda, Dolly Parton and Alanis Morrisette respectively.

There’s a cool addition to that list this April, with Girl from North Country’s music coming from the legendary Bob Dylan, an artist who isn’t a stranger to writing a song that’ll make you feel something.

After successful runs on the West End and Broadway, Melbourne’s next on the list, and we’ve got some pretty big names involved, with Peter Carroll in a lead role, who recently was featured in the Academy Award nominated movie The Power of The Dog opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst.

 The show kicks off on April 29, book it in here.

She Wrote the Letter


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If you’re after a different type of stage show, She Wrote the Letter is the show for you. It’s about a tale of friendship between Ute from Germany and Tania from New Zealand, an unlikely duo who find a connection even though they are on opposite ends of the Earth.

She Wrote the Letter is coming to Melbourne audiences thanks to Kieran Carroll, a popular Melburnian playwright who has worked and written in New York, France, and Italy. It’s happening at St Martin’s Theatre in South Yarra, and it opens this week. Grab your tickets here.

In Blood


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Continuing our journey through the world of plays, In Blood is a new show that’s set to leave a mark in the industry.

In Blood is about a young man in Rural Victoria who was embroiled in a crime, and he, along with the audience, slowly become aware of what has taken place. In a world where True Crime podcasts and TV shows are some of the most popular, it’s the perfect play for these times. The show is written, performed and scored by Melbourne based Zachery Kazepis, an up and comer that has the makings of being the next big thing.

It’s going down at La Mama theatre from April 5, grab your tickets here.

Schapelle Schapelle

Yes, that Schapelle. One of our most glorified criminals (and now reality star) has had a lot of material written about her, like TV shows, movies, books, and countless parodies, but now it’s time for a musical, which is hitting Melbourne’s stages this April thanks to the Comedy Festival.

The show was penned by Tim Hansen, among others, who has been behind some amazing award-winning material, and was even trained at the NYU. It’s happening at the ETU Ballroom at the Trades Hall. Check out more info and book in tickets here.

Shen Yun


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Shen Yun is a beautiful new dance experience hitting Melbourne’s stages later this month. It focuses on China before Communism, with dance pieces representing a different era of the country.

The talented dance group using the medium of dance to tell such intricate and detailed stories effortlessly. To further excel the experience, it’s noted that the dance will feature CGI and other special effects, really making sure it’s an experience you get a lot out of.

It’s going down at the Palais Theatre from April 22, grab your tickets here.