Five of Australia’s hottest bands, as told by Kingswood

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Five of Australia’s hottest bands, as told by Kingswood

With Fergus Linacre

We found out who Kingswood have been listening to.

Australia’s music scene is rife with talent, that’s no secret, yet with so many acts competing for attention, too many tend to slip through the cracks. In the spirit of supporting the local music community, we caught up with Fergus Linacre, frontman of homegrown favourites Kingswood, to find out which Aussie acts he can’t get enough of.


The first time I saw Bugs was at a BIGSOUND showcase. We have done plenty and sometimes it can be a tough gig. The industry crowd tend to just stand back, watching and talking, and it can put you off your game. But Bugs came out as if they were playing to thousands of screaming fans and it was intoxicating. I immediately loved the band, and it gives me so much joy to see them rise through the ranks. I think they will go far.

Jess Day

I heard ‘Affection’ by Jess Day on the radio and loved it right away. I was singing it for the rest of the day and, after checking out the rest of her EP, I became a fan. To make music this good, so young, and only have an EP out so far, I think she has a big future ahead of her. There is something endearing about her voice and the production, which I believe is a bedroom job, gives me a feeling of nostalgia.

Eliza & The Delusionals

I grew to love Eliza & The Delusionals after they did a run of shows with us. Huge energy and really strong songs that make me wanna be on stage playing them. I’ve seen they have been doing a lot of touring overseas, it’s always good to see young bands getting out and putting in the hard work in a different territory.

Death By Denim

I think there is a big debut album not too far away from Death By Denim, they have built anticipation by releasing a very pleasing brand of spacey, deserty rock’n’roll. I can’t really put my finger on why I love them, it’s not one particular song above the rest or a specific element of the band, and I think that’s a sign of when music, or any art, works best. Sometimes you stare at a painting and you can’t describe why you like it, you just do.

San Mei

San Mei’s music has a dark, droney pulse to it and her voice is honest and forces you to listen to the words. That may sound silly, but some voices feel more like an instrument playing a melody than a voice telling a story. Neither style is correct or better, but I always connect more with a voice that can hold me. Another artist that is yet to release an album and I can’t wait, the first EP is such a statement and I wanna hear more of what San Mei has to say.

Kingswood’s new album Juveniles is out Friday March 13 via Dew Process. They’ll be launching it the same day with a show at The Corner. Grab your tickets via Live Nation.