Five Fun Facts With… Los Coronas

Five Fun Facts With… Los Coronas


1. They didn’t get it. The early years were the tricky years – in Spain there was a big tradition of instrumental music during the mid sixties, but because of the British pop invasion, it disappeared a short time later. Los Coronas came out in 1991, there weren´t other instrumental bands in Spain and just a few in Europe, so Spanish people weren’t ready – it was too soon for them. For the first 300 Los Coronas shows people would yell out ‘where the fuck is the singer?!” Thanks to Pulp Fiction’s premiere, things turned out better the following years. 


2. Enter vocals here. We bit the bullet, probably because we were traumatized by all the bottles getting thrown at us onstage. We recorded and performed two covers in Spanish with two different singers, one male and one female: Jairo Zavala, the singer from the Spanish band Depedro, and Eilen Jewell, the country-folk vocalist from Idaho, USA. Los Coronas have called this experience ‘el extraño viaje’, which means ‘the weird travel’.


3. You gotta check this out, we love it! Last year Los Coronas recorded a cover of Astor Piazzolla’s hit Libertango with the great latin jazz pianist Michel Camilo during a Spanish live TV broadcasting. There’s really magic in Camilo’s fingers, only for that reason is it worth seeing the program. Take a look here.


4. Show me the money, fools. In 2009 Little Steven tried to sign the band to his label Wicked Cool basically with two kinds of arguments: the mildly strong and the extremely strong arguments. Actually, he was always talking about only one thing: money. After several months of long negotiation, Los Coronas probably made the wrong decision: “So long Tony, no deal, that’s what we’re talking about.”


5. Faking it. Nope, we’re not a flamenco band, but a surf music instrumental band, except that the closest shore is a four hour drive from our hometown. We’re actually fake surfers! This is our second time Down Under and during our first visit, we took a surf but didn’t manage to stay on the board for more than ten seconds, so this time we’re taking surf lessons.


LOS CORONAS play the Caravan Music Club on Wednesday March 12, as well as Golden Plains this Sunday March 9.