First look: Marshall’s elegantly loud Major V and Minor IV headphone

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First look: Marshall’s elegantly loud Major V and Minor IV headphone

Words by Michael Pasahidis

As with all good things, evolution is inevitable. As proof, we need only look at Marshall’s continued growth in the headphone and home audio markets.

Relying on the same high-quality and high-output modus operandi that has elevated the brand into the pantheon of iconic guitar amp manufacturers – it has been quite an interesting case study, watching it slowly build its reputation and legitimacy in what is a very different industry with very different conventions.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Marshall has more than shaken up the field, becoming an extremely popular choice for personal headphones after dropping a bevy of awesome-sounding products over the last five years.

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Nowhere is the more prevalent than in the brand’s Major and Minor series of on-ear and in-ear headphones, the likes of which have continually upped the ante with every iteration.

Next in line, the Major V and the Minor IV, confidently promise “All sound, no fuss”. In a dynamic industry where so many products are being constantly released, it’s nice to have a name like Marshall’s to rely on and to help us wade through the confusion. Through the Major V and Minor IV, Marshall rewards our trust with two equally snazzy, aptly sized headphones, perfect for everyday listening.


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In musical theory, a major fifth is an interval synonymous with power, colloquially known as a ‘power chord’ on guitar. Marshall must be well aware of the connotations here because the Major V on-ear option more than packs a punch, extracting plenty of output from the top-of-the-industry 40mm dynamic drivers, awarding it the rich balance of crispy highs and controlled, rumbling lows. 

One big takeaway after a bit of time with these is that the battery life is beyond impressive. Offering a remarkable 100+ hours of wireless playback, and wireless charging options as well, the Major Vs are proof that we are moving closer to the wireless utopia envisioned since the dawn of Bluetooth. 

For those of you wanting to rock the aesthetic of longevity and tenure that Marshall possesses in spades, the headphones come with a 3.5mm audio cord. Also included is a USB-C charging cable. 

The headphones themselves look stunning and are designed in an undeniably Marshall way. The muffs look like mini amplifiers for your ears and they’re as comfortable as any. Even the included buttons are reminiscent of the knobs on old Marshall amplifiers, which is an incredibly rewarding touch for those familiar with the brand. 

The sound can speak for itself, but it goes without saying that the Major V sits atop the industry of consumer audio. It feels almost entitled to expect such quality from a brand, but Marshall continues to deliver.

Along with the release of the Major V is the release of the smaller (only in physical size) in-ear Minor IV earphones.


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These in-ear options promise an impressive 30 hours of battery life from a considerably smaller cell and add to the fold water resistance that makes them perfect for feeling like a main character on those rainy walks. 

As with the Major V, the Minor IV pairs seamlessly with Marshall’s Bluetooth app, giving way to a customisability that music listeners can only adore.

The headphones themselves look spectacular. They arrive in a case, which is clad in that trademark Marshall tolex (you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about the second you feel it). The case is well-made and the case’s magnets are snappy, meaning there’ll be no headphones falling out of their given homes. 

The Minor IV offers more than just an alternative to the Major V. They bring a storability that suits life on the go and boasts a design that provides an incentive to put the earphones in when headed out. 

With both the powerful Major V and the lustrous Minor IV, Marshall has taken its next step in the headphone market. Bringing a product line that is designed to serve its customers, Marshall has showcased its indisputable knack for quality and paired it beautifully with an amazing brand of design, as well as a level of quality that’d rival any.

The Major V and Minor IV are accessibly priced, with a scheduled release on the 7th of May at JB Hifi (but are available for pre-order now!) Both come in Marshall’s signature black, because of course they do. 

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