Eat Your Man: Nelly Furtado is back with Melbourne’s Dom Dolla

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Eat Your Man: Nelly Furtado is back with Melbourne’s Dom Dolla

Eat Your Man connects two worlds, and confirms two facts: Nelly Furtado is back, and Dom Dolla is at the top of his game.

Grammy Award winner Nelly Furtado is regarded as one of the defining artists of her decade, as Dom Dolla experiences a meteoric rise.

It was a surprise performance together on New Year’s Eve at Australia’s acclaimed Beyond The Valley Festival (2022) that first hinted at a collaborative relationship. The duo brought in the New Year, performing to 35,000 festival goers. The festival marked Grammy Award winner, Nelly Furtado’s first return to the stage in over five years, catapulting her back to the centre of the cultural conversation, as Dom returned to his hometown and celebrated his biggest year to date.

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Eat Your Man is born from hours side-by-side in the studio. It showcases a distinct Dom Dolla production and Nelly’s iconic lyricism. Eat Your Man reaches full circle with Furtado’s lyrical homages to her globally recognisable hits. She sings “Fly like a bird, I’m taking it home”, and “I’ll eat your man, devour him whole”.

Furtado’s lyrical cadence is intricately woven tightly into Dom Dolla’s production, meticulously crafted between two varying artists.

Dom says “Nelly first reached out to me after we were both booked to play Beyond The Valley Festival. She’d discovered my music not long before and was into what she heard. We immediately hit it off after hanging out and she mentioned that she was looking to start writing a bunch of new records and would love my input as a songwriter/producer. After a few days of writing she mentioned she would love to work on a club record together, and we began to put some ideas down.

Not long after, Eat Your Man was born. Nelly and I have since become really good friends – I even completed the mix down for this tune while house-sitting for her in LA. She’s the nicest pop star I’ve met thus far and is a joy to work with. The tune has since become a real moment in my DJ sets, I hope you guys like it as much as we do!”

Nelly adds, “Meeting Dom has been an absolute blessing. We have a real creative synergy and trust when we work together – we hear music in a similar way and I am super inspired by his live shows. He’s reminded me how much fun music can be and for that I am grateful.”

Dom Dolla, fresh off one of the most talked about dance records of 2023, Rhyme Dust with MK, solidifies his position among the fastest risers in global dance music – BBC Radio 1 playlist, Billboard Dance Top 10, ARIA Club Chart #1, ARIA Australian Single Chart #2, Beatport #1. The record built on an extraordinary 2022, including a global #1 club record in Miracle Maker ft. Clementine Douglas and a remix of Gorillaz’ New Gold ft. Tame Impala.

His recordings have built genuine fans, with two sold-out nights at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre (April 2023), and two sold-out nights at the acclaimed Brooklyn Mirage (May 2023). Dom’s catalogue is fast approaching 1 BILLION streams, Eat Your Man suggests he shows no signs of slowing down.

Nelly Furtado (Maneater, Say It Right, Promiscuous, I’m Like A Bird) has amassed in excess of 40 million record sales globally, Billboard #1’s, and a Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Stream the track here.