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North Melbourne

Words by Dhika Maheswara

Located in North Melbourne, Viva is another unique addition to the city's vibrant and busy nightlife.

LIVE MUSIC: Opulent dance shows run every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. With a blend of charming performers and an alluring drama, the place is perfect for those looking to sneak a mischievous night out with friends.

FAMOUS FOR: its luxurious array of food and drinks. From delicious dishes to specialty cocktails, these items are specifically made to complement the evening’s entertainment. The chicken waffles, in particular, are to die for!

INFAMOUS FOR: its provocative late-night entertainment. With shows that are not only sophisticated but heavily intimate, it doesn’t take a second glance to understand that Viva is not your ordinary bar.

With its 1920s-style setting and contemporary cabaret shows, this brand-new venue takes you on a transformative journey bringing together the past and present.

The magic of this venue comes from its two extravagant acrobatic shows, Elegant and Exotic. The former is a fantastic fusion of comedy, Las Vegas charm and commercial choreography, while the latter is a sensational spectacle, both passionate and arousing. To top it all off, there’s a charming French host with some joyous humour!

Don’t get overzealous just yet though – we haven’t even got to the menu. As you feast in the spectacularity of the stage, gift your taste buds with a divine selection of food and drinks including Japanese-inspired dishes, signature cocktails crafted by expert mixologists and a friendly staff that will look after you well.

Let yourself into its bright red interior and be captivated by the opulent ambience. Head on to the bar and get yourself a smokey whiskey blend. Sit around the centre stage and wait until the curtains drop for whatever show is up next. It’s an epicenter of razzle-dazzle, full of mystique and extravaganza!

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