Dark Mofo drops huge 2018 lineup ft. St Vincent, Zola Jesus and more

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Dark Mofo drops huge 2018 lineup ft. St Vincent, Zola Jesus and more


Tasmania’s inaugural music and arts festival, Dark Mofo, is slowly creeping up and although it’s still a few months away, you can start booking, planning and crying over your financial situation now that the 2018 lineup is here. The festival — originally imagined to celebrate the winter solstice and ancient rituals between humans and nature — has become a force of its own in its six years running, with upwards of 400,000 attendees joining the celebrations last year. 

The festival runs over three weekends, commencing with a prelude weekend, and boasts 750 artists and 22 exhibitions, making it the festival’s most expansive lineup to date. In addition to showcasing a diverse range of music and arts, Spirit of Tasmania is offering discounted trips on selected journeys between Melbourne and Davenport. 

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On the art side of the festival, Lou Reed Drones, an installation of Reed’s amps and guitars in feedback mode and Zero, a German collective of artists who used their art as a way to make a statement in post-WWII Germany will appear amongst other highlights such as Ryoji Ikeda, United Visual Artists, A Journey to Freedom at TMAG, Matthew Schreiber, French & Mottershead and loads more. 

The music offerings are equally tantalising, with Laurie Anderson, Tanya Tagaq, Electric Wizard, St. Vincent, Alice Glass, Lydia Lunch, Zola Jesus, Nobody, Jarboe, Father Murphy, Portal, Iona Fortune, ALTAR, Marlon Williams, William Basinski and loads more appearing on the bill.

In addition to the art and music offerings, a masquerade ball, a Twin Peaks themed Bang Bang Bar, Nude Solstice Swim and an opera, orchestra, theatre and winter feast will all take place across the festival.

With a lineup this expansive, it’s hard to even scratch the surface, so be sure to check out the program here. The festival takes place across a number of venues over three weekends from June 13 – 24.