Dan Kelly’s Regional Crisis are playing in Brunswick next week

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Dan Kelly’s Regional Crisis are playing in Brunswick next week

Dan Kelly
Words by Staff Writer

Dan Kelly describes his albums as "semi-fantastical adventures through the apocalypse". Darkness lies around every turn, but somehow his records find the light.

“I don’t think catharsis is for every musician. Some would say my process is a little debilitating because I do end up, kind of breaking down my whole personality in order to do an album. Other musicians would consider that a bit of a wank. I tend to have some form of crisis in every one. I sound a lot more morose than my albums actually are. They’re quite upbeat and adventurous, but I do put myself through the wringer. That’s a lifelong lack of self belief. It’s a series of triumphs and failures, my music.”

Dan Kelly

  • 6:30pm, Fri 15 September
  • Brunswick Ballroom
  • Tickets here

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Dan Kelly: ‘It’s like a puzzle, songwriting. You don’t want someone else to give you the answers’

Dan came out of relative obscurity – performing in Melbourne under the moniker Dank Alley to avoid trading on his uncle, Paul Kelly’s name – to establish a long and celebrated career, full of “ebbs and flows”, that lands him squarely in the pantheon of Australia’s great songwriting, storytelling tradition.

He’s now come out of the central Victorian wilderness with a bunch of new tunes and a new band Dan Kelly’s Regional Crisis featuring Gus Agars and Ben Wooley (Marlon Williams and the Yarra Benders) and super producer Dan Luscombe.

These new songs and players will soon be featured on a new record Gold Feels.

Dan will preview these songs and some old dank semi-classics on September 15 at the Brunswick Ballroom  with special guests including Don’t Thank Me Spank Me and everyone’s favourite songwriter, the beautiful and industrious Lachlan Denton.

Grab tickets here.