Creepshow – Saturday October 29, The Espy

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Creepshow – Saturday October 29, The Espy


Into the Gershwin for mighty progressive metallers Circles. These guys certainly have their shit together. Huge sound, incredibly tight playing, stunning musicianship and heavy but melodic songs make these guys one of Australia’s finest heavy acts. Exhilarating. A case of unfortunate scheduling saw Circles’ set clash with that of Tasmanian progressive heavy act Deligma, so down to the Basement we go after only 15 or so minutes of Circles. Although PA issues rendered Deligma’s guitars unfortunately almost inaudible, it’s still obvious these guys are dead on the money. They have the progressive electronic heavy sound down to an absolute tee, and their stage presence was extremely strong.

Arguably the best spectacle of the evening went to Hatchet Dawn, playing their album launch in the Gershwin Room. Their monstrous sound and ghoulish songs and stage presence are tailor-made for an event such as this, and the Gershwin Room shook with their thunder. A stunning performance.

Just how bloody good are Engine Three Seven? They put on almost the perfect alternative rock show, but are just that little bit different at the same time. These guys fairly ooze pure passion, energy, class and fun. Bellusira are yet another stylish Melbourne alternative rock act, who impress to a fault with their ultra-professional sound and exuberant performance every time they take the stage.

And finally, rounding out the evening to perfection was the sensational Jericco, whose Mid-eastern inspired alt-rock and passionate performance set the main bar alight, and sent the massive crowd home with massive ear to ear smiles on their faces. A magnificent climax to a wonderful evening of entertainment.