Core – February 6, 2013

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Core – February 6, 2013


So keen for the big Descendents show this weekend. (Despite the sad news that Frenzal Rhomb have withdrawn from the shows with promoters announcing rather suddenly that a member of the band has experienced an unexpected illness and has been hospitalised as a result. No word as to what’s happened but love and hugs to the legends in Frenzal’s camp.) To celebrate the appearance of Descendents, Bodyjyar, Bouncing Souls and Game Over on one stage I vow to proudly kit up in Dickie shorts, wifebeater, Globe skate shoes and wallet chain. I vow to fully and wholeheartedly evoke the spirit in which I fell in love with aforementioned bands by only drink Raspberry Cruisers and by bullying those of my friends not partaking in my haphazard  alcohol-powered self-destruction by calling them ‘soft cocks’ and ‘two can sams’. I will do 16-year-old Emily proud by throwing my horns in the air at any given opportunity and advising each lead singer (indiscriminate of gender, age, race, talent or attractiveness) that I fucking love them. I’ll get in the pit. I’ll immerse myself in the music and throw myself across the heads of my peers, for my own gratification, oblivious to everyone’s discomfort, and revel in my badarse-ness. I’ll retreat from Festival Hall, sweat soaked and scarred, puffing but proud. I’ll sit in the gutter with a freshly acquired set list and wait for my mum to pick me up. Long live the ’90s. Bring on the Descendents.

Welshmen Funeral For A Friend have announced a pretty feckin’ huge Aussie tour in support of their new album Conduit.  Catch them at The Corner Hotel on Tuesday May 14 or Frankston’s Pier Live on Wednesday May 15. Tickets are released on February 8.

Pennywise are returning for their promised rescheduled Australian tour. This time, they’ll be with original singer Jim Lindberg (HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM ZOLI TEGLAS? IS. HE. OKAY?) They’re still bringing Menzingers with them but Sharks have been replaced with Face To Face. Old school! Catch the fun at The Palace on Thursday April 4.

It’s been confirmed that The Loved Ones’ Dave Hause will support Gaslight Anthem on their upcoming Aussie tour. It’s their first headlining tour in aaaages and it’s happening at The Palace on Wednesday May 15. Tickets on sale now.

UNFD’s most promising new signing In Hearts Wake have added some regional Victorian shows to their upcoming album tour. See them tear up the suburbs at South Morang’s Commercial Hotel (Thursday February 14), Ferntree Gully Hotel  (Friday February 15) and Pier Live in Frankston (Saturday February 16).

High Tension, one of the most exciting new bands to slither out of Melbourne’s incestuous little music scene, will tour the East Coast next month in support of their debut EP. DO NOT MISS these dudes when they roll into The Old Bar on Friday March 8. Tickets on the door.

The must-see-metal Sidewave of the year has been announced. Dragonforce and The Sword will team up for excellent sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne. You guys can see ‘em on Monday February 25 at Billboards. Tickets on sale now.

US two-piece Blood On The Dance Floor who’s blend of music and style has left me dry-retching and cowering in front of the computer on many an occasion, have been axed from this year’s Soundwave festival in controversial fashion. AJ Maddah tweeted “I am super pleased to announce Blood On The Dance Floor have pulled out of #SW13”, going on to say that the band’s fans had driven him insane and they’d only sold six tickets to their Sidewaves.

Thursday February 7: Riot Mind, Riot Dance Party, Kissing Booth, Shadow League at The Bendigo
Significant Other, Belle Haven, Teramaze at Next

Friday February 8: Outright, Marathon, Internal Rot, Clipped Wings, Cavalcade at The Bendigo
Warped, Midget, The Dacios, Uptown Ace at The Tote
Foxtrot, Del Lago, Too Soon, Max Goes Hollywood at Public Bar

Saturday February 9: Descendents, Bouncing Souls, Bodyjar, Game Over at Festival Hall
Relentless, Warbrain, Thorns, Free World at Bang
Warped, Bored!, Dynamo, The Sure-Fire Midnights, BMXRay at The Tote
Oh Sleeper, For All Eternity, storm The Sky at Pelly Bar, Frankston

Sunday February 10: Relentless, The Weight, Thorns at Phoenix Youth Center
The Playbook, 10 Past 6, These City Lights, Japan For at Bendigo Hotel