Core – December 14, 2011

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Core – December 14, 2011


Sunday night was a bit of a revelation for me. Discovered that the Fitzroy Bowls Club was a sensational all ages live music venue. Spacious, carpeted, ample seating , cold beers and a nice low stage. Watching Extortion play their particularly crude brand of hardcore, I couldn’t help but wonder what the bowls club’s usual patrons would make of the evening. OFF!, fronted by Black Flag’s Keith Morris, were also a revelation. Old mate kind of broke several rules of punk rock performances, which seemed to befuddle a bunch of the crowd. But in retrospect it seems kind of fitting that this patriarch of hardcore didn’t care for any expectations or rules. Touché. For starters, Morris enjoyed lengthy stage banter, but failed to really string any cohesive sentences together. Though an obedient crowd listened patiently, his thoughts were jumbled and they tended to break up what was otherwise quite an urgent set. Some punters got antsy and told him to keep playing, but he wistfully retorted, “What’s the hurry? We don’t have anywhere to go”, and he kind of had a point. Then, after they had steamed through their limited repertoire of songs, he suggested that they faced a dilemma in how to best execute an encore. Eventually they decided to rip out a couple of their most loved tracks again. It’s a move usually reserved for one hit wonder pop stars, and lesser known bands and it’s a move that’s generally considered to be pretty lame. But the more I thought about it, the more I really didn’t care. If you get to see your favourite songs smashed out twice in one excellent live performance, that’s a pretty good deal. Who here can say they would care if their favourite band did the same? Not really. So even though Keith Morris was confusing at times, his intent still came across loud and clear. Thought provoking punk rock. I’m into it.

Bodyjar’s No Touch Red show at the Corner Hotel has sold out but they’re promising a second date will be announced shortly. Drummer Shayne Wacker has revealed that, “Ross and Ben will be joining us on stage to complete the original line-up to mark the occasion”.

Alright we’ve got official details of the Cobra Skuls/Dead To Me tour and it’s going to be very excellent indeed. Mark in March 29 at The Northcote Social club to see these two Fat Wreck favourites play with Melbourne favourites A Death In The Family and Lamexuse. Tickets available from December 13. If you’re extra keen on a ripping day of punk rock then head up to Sydney for an almighty lineup at the Annandale consisting ofCobra Skulls, Dead To Me, Lamexuse, Gay Paris, Totally Unicorn, The Gun Runners, Milhouse, Batfoot, Homewawrd Bound and Billy Demos.

Alright we’ve got stacks more Soundwave sideshows for you to feast on. Are you ready?

Mastadon , Gojira and Kvelertak (GO AND SEE THESE GUYS) will play at Melbourne’s Billboard on Monday February 27. Tickets WILL sell out fast for this one. Everyone’s a teeny bit excited about this show.

Machine Head , Chimaira, Shadows Fall and Times Of Grace will join forces and play at The Palace on Tuesday February 28.

Enter Shikari will play with Your Demiseand much hyped Epitaph band Letlive at Billboards. Letlive need to be seen.

Lostprophets will headline a Melbourne show at Billboards on Thursday March 1 with Kids In GlassHouses and VersaEmerge.