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It’s interesting to see that some bands are starting to revise the tried and tested live show formula in order to offer their audience something more. It’s really no surprise that for most artists their main source of income is from live shows. Performances and merchandise are yet to be unraveled by the evils of the internet, so this almost feels like a preventative measure… which is a hell of a lot smarter than waiting for devious nerds and greedy kids to fuck things up for you.

I kind of love that Anberlin are toying with a new and fresh format, perhaps to ensure that it remains relevant and inimitable. Kudos guys. You still look like frat boys and I don’t really rate your tunes, but may you enjoy an exciting and profitable career regardless.

New York street punx The Casualties are bringing ’20 years of punk rock material’ to Australia’s east coast this September. They’re playing at The East Brunswick Club on Saturday September 10. Tickets are on sale now.

Australia’s punk and hardcore community has been graced with the presence of a brand new website that promises nothing but Aussie music news, interviews, reviews, mosh tips, giveaways and limited runs of local band merchandise. Roll over to to check it out and support your local scene.

At The Drive In guitaroo and Sparta frontman, Jim Ward has announced that he’s coming to Australia this August to play some intimate shows down the East Coast in support of his new album Quiet In The Valley, On The Shores The End Begins (out July 22). His show at The East Brunswick Club has support from local guru Jamie Hay. Tickets are on sale now.

The SkaWeekeder festival is returning to Melbourne this September and as always they have a strong lineup to lure you to The Tote on September 10.Sons Of Dad, The Bennies, Loonee Tunes, Hightime, The Resignators, The Kujo Kings, Menage-a-sak and The Tabasko Junkies will all share the same stage. The Sydney leg boasts a harbour cruise. Head to to learn more.

Polar Bear Club recently announce that their drummer Emmett Menke has left the band, stating “At about the same time PBC decided to be a full time band almost 3 years ago, my daughter Mil was born…It came to the point where I just had to do the right thing as a dad and walk away”. He will be replaced by new drummer Tyler Mahurin.

Poison City have announced that the previously scheduled all ages Melbourne winter tour show at Catfood Press requires a change in venue. Apparently after “one too many visits from ‘the man” CatfoodPress have had to cancel all upcoming shows. You can now see A Death In The Family, The Smith Street Band and Former Cell Mates at Struggletown (which is located at 1/2 West St, Brunswick).