College Dropout Burgers celebrates with free food after Kanye lawsuit is dropped

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College Dropout Burgers celebrates with free food after Kanye lawsuit is dropped

College Dropout Burgers
words by kaya martin

Beef squashed.

After a shakey year, College Dropout Burgers can finally take it easy. The heat was switched off this morning when Justice Shaun McElwaine threw out Kanye West’s federal court case against the Ivanhoe Burger Joint.

To celebrate, owner Mark Elkhouri will be handing out free burgers this Saturday from 2pm to 3pm to the loyal customers that have supported him and his business along through all of the dramatic twists and turns.

Kanye West’s lawsuit against College Dropout Burgers

  • Late last year, the musician filed a suit against the restaurant for using the name of his 2004 album
  • Owner Mark Elkhouri has since changed the restaurant’s signage, decor and menu items to avoid reference to the rapper
  • Today, the case was dismissed after the Justice said Kanye did not take the right steps to move it forward
  • College Dropout Burgers will be giving away free burgers on March 4 from 2 to 3pm to celebrate

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The Justice told the court this morning that his decision to toss the lawsuit came after a period of inaction from Ye. He said the rapper had repeatedly failed to meet the legal requirements necessary to continue the case and no one from his party made an appearance in court today.

The burger joint, owned and operated by Kanye West superfan Mark Elkhouri, was said to be a tribute to his favourite rapper. But clearly Kanye didn’t see it that way – late last year, he filed a lawsuit against the owner accusing him of misleading and deceptive conduct and seeking to profit by association.

In response, a slightly disheartened Elkhouri edited the decor of his restaurant, including changing the sign and taking down a mural on the interior. He also changed the name of menu items to associate them with other famous college dropouts, including Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Steve Jobs and Brad Pitt.

Speaking in court, Elkhouri had a message for his former hero: “I think I’d say thank you, based on the fact that, like, it couldn’t have worked out any better”.

With the lawsuit behind him, the fast food restaurateur is free to enjoy the boost of publicity his business has received from the whole ordeal. Victory has never tasted so sweet.

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