Cold War Kids Live at The Forum

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Cold War Kids Live at The Forum


The numbers gathered as Cold War Kids emerged under an eerie red light and began with the brand new “Royal Blue” from their upcoming album “Mine Is Yours”.

The iconic ceiling of The Forum created the perfect backdrop as Sydney four-piece Parades set up on stage. No one expected the intensity that followed, as nominal frontman Jonathan Boulet juggled some amazing drumming and vocals; lifting everyone to their feet and drawing us towards the stage. The five-track set was short but never dull, and transformed the somewhat relaxed crowd into a room of excited fans.

The numbers gathered as Cold War Kids emerged under an eerie red light and began with the brand new Royal Blue from their upcoming album Mine Is Yours.

The album isn’t released until later this month but the band gave everyone a taste of things to come – and while their sound has definitely matured, this is the same Cold War Kids music, only better.

Most of the set was dedicated to new material, generating some positive crowd-reactions with Finally Begin, Skip The Charades, Cold Toes On The Cold Floor and the first single Louder Than Ever.

Nathan Willett proved he was no lip-syncing pop-star, with vocals as clear and powerful as in their studio recordings. He switched between vocals, guitar and keys as bandmates played frantically around him.

Fans also received their fair share of old favourites, with Mexican Dogs and Red Wine, Success! coming hard and fast, and Hang Me Up To Dry receiving a deafening cheer that carried from the first piano chord.

Loyal fans rejoiced for rare EP tracks Audience and Santa Ana Winds, and everyone joined them for the “put out the fire on us” part of Hospital Beds.

The floor-stomping felt like some uncontrollable reflex as the band left the stage, with everyone wanting more. The encore began with I’ve Seen Enough, and while most (including me) assumed they would end with the fast-paced Something Is Not Right With Me, they finished with the fantastic We Used To Vacation. Amazing vocals, catchy piano loops, guitar solos, maracas, tambourines and constant crowd-chanting made this the highlight of the night.

While earlier singles still received the warmest welcome, for the new and basically unheard material to receive such an instant reaction more than hints that the new Cold War Kids album could be their best yet.