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So Kaity you’re pretty young to be enjoying such huge success as a musician. What’s the journey been like so far? It has been equal parts challenging, equal parts fulfilling. I’ve been trying to concentrate as much as I can on getting the music right.  

You voice has been described as ‘mature beyond your years’ – did you spend a while perfecting your singing style to achieve a particular sound? Not really, I think it developed as I matured and worked on my songwriting. Though I do have a daily paranoia that I’m going to forget how to sing.

What do you miss most about being in Australia, now that you’re based abroad? How aioli is available with anything and everything in Australia.

Who would you name as your biggest musical influences? Mazzy Star, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, The Black keys, Fiona Apple… I could go on forever.

What’s your opinion on women in the music industry as it stands today?  I think that we are slowly starting to see an improvement in the equality of women not just in the music industry but in all workplaces. I do believe that it’s up to us to be at the forefront and not expect change, but continue to lead change. I do think we should always be pushing ourselves to be smarter, to be stronger and to create our own opportunities.