Choose Your Own Adventure: Musical Theatre Edition

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Musical Theatre Edition

Chapel Off Chapel

Hold onto your hats for the return of Queenie van de Zandt, the multi-award-winning musical theatre maverick in Choose Your Own Adventure – Musical Theatre Edition.

Once again, this unconventional musical theatre queen dances to the beat of her own drum with a ground-breaking twist on the musical theatre experience. Using nothing but your smartphone you will create a showtune extravaganza.

In Choose Your Own Adventure, Queenie offers up a buffet of musical theatre entertainment on a ‘Les Mis Lazy Susan’. You want an 11 o’clock number? Consider it served. A Broadway pub quiz? Coming right up. Real life hilarious backstage anecdotes? Darling, it’s on the menu! But the best part? With you shining the spotlight, you get to choose what you see!

This daring diva is putting her musical fate in your hands. So, take a seat, whip out your smartphone and get ready to take control of how the night unfolds.