Chinese Restaurant Playground

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Chinese Restaurant Playground

Chinese Restaurant Playground by Steffie Yee 余淑婷, is an evocative exhibition about childhood, imaginative play, and finding joy within “the frenetic settings” of her parents’ Chinese restaurant. Offering a unique insight into the life and creativity sparked in the heart of a family run Chinese restaurant. Steffie’s work dives deep into the stories of regional Australian Chinese communities, challenging narratives and celebrating cultural history. Featuring a collection of finished works, and works in progress, multilingual animations, videos, illustrations and photographs, experience an artistic documentation of Steffie’s childhood memories growing up in her family restaurant.

“Having served four generations of customers for over 40 years, my parents’ Chinese restaurant, Yee’s, was the backdrop of my childhood. From Rollerblading on the tiles through the restaurant, using pot lids as cymbals, making play dough from spring roll pastry batter, and riding a motorbike in the yard behind the restaurant, this exhibition is an artistic documentation of my memories as a child of Malaysian-Chinese restaurant owners in Branxton.”