Check out the craft beer brewery that’s breaking all boundaries

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Check out the craft beer brewery that’s breaking all boundaries

Words by Arielle Richards

TWØBAYS Brewing Co. is proving that gluten-free beer doesn’t have compromise flavour.

Do you sometimes find yourself in the company of gluten-free friends or family? They probably – tragically – think they can’t enjoy great beer; never a tasting paddle nor a freshly poured pot.

Well, don’t worry about any of that. TWØBAYS Brewing Co. has broken the age-old stigma that gluten-free means inferior, demolishing boundaries with their award-winning craft beer.

A trip to their Dromana taproom is an opportunity to sit in front of a fire and explore an extensive menu of gluten-free pizza and nine different beers – from their raspberry sour to the Irish stout.

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TWØBAYS is Australia’s only dedicated gluten-free brewery and taproom. The brewery opened its doors in December 2018, three years after founder Richard Jeffares was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.

A keen craft beer drinker, Jeffares missed exploring tasting paddles and talking flavours, mouthfeel and aroma with friends. He travelled to the US, where breweries had established impressive facilities and taprooms with a range of gluten-free food for both the inquisitive and the loyal patrons to come and explore great beer.

The result is a truly unique brewery, where ‘gluten-frees’ and ‘gluten fans’ alike can come together to enjoy the fruits of innovation and creativity.

The TWØBAYS taproom has plenty of special events coming up, from free pizza for Mum on Mother’s Day to live music on the Queen’s birthday long weekend.


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TWØBAYS Brewing Co. is open on Saturday and Sunday at 1/2 Trewhitt Ct, Dromana. For more information, check out their website.