Charlie Collins’ new single is a full-throttle collab with Japanese Wallpaper

Charlie Collins’ new single is a full-throttle collab with Japanese Wallpaper

Words by Lucas Radbourne

'Just My Luck' is the new single from Charlie Collins, an up-tempo follow up to her highly successful 2021 single 'Fuck It'.

Japanese Wallpaper’s involvement adds a subtle second dimension to Collins’ work, which has already racked up millions of streams over the past two years.

‘Just My Luck’ was featured on Triple J last night as her sweet pop-vocals blend effortlessly with the driving percussion that propels the just-over two minute track.

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The single has an interesting background; it started about how a stagnant relationship can still be preferable to loneliness when Collins begun writing the track in her living room with partner Mitch Sexty.

“It’s about the feeling of always throwing yourself in the deep end, but the other person isn’t there to catch you when you fall,” she says.

“I related to it in a sense that I was in a relationship that I knew wasn’t quite right, but the thought of being alone was so much worse somehow.”

When the relationship dissolved, it transitioned to a powerful evocation of acknowledging when something isn’t right, and the catharsis of discovering the strength required to overcome heartache.

The long-planned collaboration with Japanese Wallpaper, finally manifested, landing the pair at Sydney’s storied Forbes Street Studios (which has previously hosted recording sessions for Billie Eillish, Ocean Alley and Flume).

Part of her forthcoming sophomore album, listen to ‘Just My Luck’ here.