Calling All Cars at The Northcote Social Club

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Calling All Cars at The Northcote Social Club


But that said, Calling All Cars aren’t exactly about re-inventing the wheel either. In fact it’s almost impossible to accomplish that with ‘four on the floor’ rock these days, regardless of how you try. What Calling All Cars are doing is getting out there onstage and simply ripping it up. For a band such as the inimitable Calling All Cars, a lot of their appeal lies in their delivery. They put on a pub rock show that exudes supreme confidence, and damn, what a massive wall of sound for a three piece.

Indeed, you only had to look at the reaction of the (albeit fairly undemanding) crowd. Calling All Cars certainly had large sections of the almost-capacity crowd jumping around and losing their shit, to the point where it prompted frontman Hayden Ing to ask the crowd to make sure they ‘look after each other’. Put high voltage rock ‘n’ roll and a smattering of booze together on a Saturday night and this is what you want to see happen. It’s rock ‘n’ roll physics.


It’s also easy to see why Calling All Cars were chosen for the AC/DC tour last year. Their energy is infectious and it flows off the stage in waves. Playing to a quarter of a million people in the space of a couple of weeks could possibly go to the head of a young band, but Calling All Cars appear to have taken it in their stride and gone back to playing small pubs and clubs with glee. Those massive ‘enormodome’ type venues are too lacking in intimacy anyway. And tonight, they demonstrated just how joyous rock ‘n’ roll can be.