ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER

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ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER

Running as the finale of ButohOUT! 2023, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER brings together a team of new and established artists in a fantastical experiment. Welcoming Melbourne audiences into a bizarre and compelling nightclub, this limited and one-off season features dance, song, poetry, and visual arts woven together by the hypnotic artform of Butoh.

Reviving the 70s/80s era where Butoh thrived in nightclubs and strip joints, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER summons the raw spirit of those times, embracing the metaphor of a human world “out of order” to reflect on our own post-pandemic existence.

ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER will immerse audiences in a surreal, macabre, and absurd, yet euphoric world. Transforming the Abbotsford Convent Industrial School, this unique event is an invitation to confront and celebrate being “out of order”. Shining a light on aspects of life that can be difficult to chew, swallow, and digest, ButohBAR 番狂わせ OUT of ORDER will take place inside a fully functioning bar, offering audiences an unconventional and surprising night out this November. Five shows only, tickets now selling!

ButohOUT! is the only creative platform of its kind in Australia focusing on the distinctive art form of Butoh. It has woven its way into the fabric of the Melbourne art scene since 2017 and has built a unique Artists-led creative and laboratory space across Victoria, providing artists and community members of all ages a creative ground. ButohOUT! celebrates diversity and authentic expression through the idiosyncratic artform of Butoh and continuously aims to actualise a vision for a radically inclusive artistic practice.