Buried Feather : Mind of the Swarm

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Buried Feather : Mind of the Swarm


It’s tempting while listening to this shuddering slab of mind-altering psych rock to imagine that this local combo astral projected into our quaint world from a more colourful dimension.

On the joyously hypnotic and other-worldly Dust, Buried Feather traverse sonic terrain familiar to fans of legendary British bands such as Loop and Spacemen 3. Although renowned as masters of droning and unearthly soundscapes, Buried Feather seem to be equally adept at whipping up memorable melodies and nailing sweet hooks. On Would I Miss You, the band captivates the listener with a heady sound that features a chirpy garage-infused opening riff, a vigorous rhythm and incredibly captivating vocals that tilt gently toward the beckoning stratosphere.

On Screen Dreamer the sound becomes unexpectedly sparse as Buried Feather embrace a dark and moody electro-alt pop vibe. In contrast, Sunshineisbuoyed by a sprightly rhythm and a general air of eccentricity that may inspire you to don a purple paisley shirt and go-go dance around your loungeroom bathed in the light of a pulsating lava lamp. With Mind of the Swarm Buried Feather have harnessed their natural inventiveness and vigorous eclecticism to create an entrancing sonic proposition.

By Graham Blackley