Brisbane punks WAAX announce hiatus and goodbye show

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Brisbane punks WAAX announce hiatus and goodbye show

words by kaya martin

The wildly popular group has taken to social media to bid fans farewell.

“This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever had to write because I never thought it possible: WAAX as you know it is going on hiatus,” wrote the band in an Instagram statement.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single human who ever came to a show, bought a record, wore a T-shirt or got a tat.”

WAAX says goodbye

  • The Brisbane-based band will be going on hiatus
  • They will be playing a one-off hometown farewell show at the Triffid on June 9, with special guests to be announced soon
  • Tickets are on sale now and will likely go quickly

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The beloved four-piece will be going on an indefinite break following a final hurrah at the Triffid in Brisbane on June 9, which the band has called a “parting gift” to fans.

Made up of singer Marie ‘Maz’ DeVita, drummer Tom Bloomfield and guitarists James Gatling and Ewan Birtwell, WAAX rose to rapid success after its debut in 2012. The band snatched up Triple J’s Bigsound award in 2014 and has since released two studio albums and two EPs.

Although the band’s popularity continued to grow, it was clear it was taking a toll on its members. Last year, they cancelled a string of tour dates across Australia citing “deeply personal” reasons, with a promise to be back on the road in 2023.


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Following the hiatus announcement, Maz took to her personal Instagram to express her frustration.

“Lately I’ve been walking past my guitars wishing I could just write again or at least try and feeling the most intense anxious emotions and just walking away,” she said.

“My relationship with music and the joy of it has felt so fucking tainted after years of bullshit, betrayal, the brutality of the industry, everything external. Things outside of me almost stole the true love I have, I won’t let it.”

But it’s not certain WAAX is gone forever. Maz also said she will be “back one day and better than ever”, although we won’t know when that day will be.

For now, fans are encouraged to pay their respects to the legendary band by grabbing tickets to the June 9 show.

“This is for you, the community. This project WAAX has always belonged to you first and foremost. Ten years is a long ass time, enough years to experience the best and weather the worst,” said Maz.

“All I ever wanted was to play gigs and make records – who knew shit could get so complicated. To those who have supported us through the rollercoaster we give you this parting gift as an offering of thanks and love. I love you all more than you know, for real, you’re the reason we did any of this and kept hanging on.”

To buy tickets to the WAAX goodbye show at the Triffid on June 9, head here

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