Brisbane alt-rockers Sunbleached’s new single White Lace is a bright and passionate ode to marriage

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Brisbane alt-rockers Sunbleached’s new single White Lace is a bright and passionate ode to marriage

words by dhika maheswara

Brisbane alt-rock band Sunbleached share new single White Lace and announce upcoming EP I Crawled Into The Hole out Friday August 30.

Sunbleached was kicked off in 2020 by members Josh Baker (vocals), Bradley Maddaford (guitar), Zane Hughes (bass) and Brent Ottley (guitar). The band is one of the freshest takes on alternative rock currently running about, with each member combining ideas and styles from previous music projects.

White Lace was released just after announcing their place on the BIGSOUND 2024 lineup along with Stand Atlantic, Sly Withers, Dear Seattle and more. In addition, the band will support Boston Manor in August for a small run of shows in Newcastle, Canberra and Geelong. Their dedication has seen them get welcomed to the Destroy All Lines agency roster and pick up new management from 27 Music (Teenage Joans, Bec Stevens, The Tullamarines).

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Produced and recorded with long-time collaborator Dylan Cottee, the single is written from the perspective of vocalist Josh Baker, who before being against the idea, gave in to tradition and married his sweetheart. It’s a heartwarming story about the unexpected twists and turns that life takes you on and how beliefs can sometimes change for the better, no matter how rigid or strong they are.

“I got married earlier this year, which is not something my wife and I had ever considered to be in our futures, we’ve historically been very anti-tradition and anti-marriage,” says Josh.

“The first verse of the song describes coming to terms with giving into tradition and wanting to get married after being so anti-marriage for so many years. I feel like people can be so high and mighty with some of the beliefs we carry.”

Sonically, Dylan and the band do amazing work bringing Josh’s romantic story into the fray with ethereal textures of distorted guitars, thundering drums, and hazy, reverb-heavy vocals. It all compounds into a beautiful emo shoegaze sound that will get you romanticizing like you’re a main character in an 80s coming-of-age film by John Hughes.

White Lace follows on from earlier singles Hell is Repetition and No Cure For Life, which garnered radio support from multiple Triple J programs, Eleven on Double J, Unearthed and community radio stations across the nation as well as editorial playlisting on Spotify and Apple Music.

Both singles are a nostalgic exploration of the band’s sound thus far, building on elements established on the quartet’s 2023 sophomore EP release Delicate Places We Hide. Along with White Lace, it’s been all hits and no misses from Sunbleached so far, as they’re looking to build the momentum towards their upcoming EP I Crawled Into The Hole out Friday, August 30.

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This article was made in partnership with Sunbleached.