DUSK NYE Open Air Festival set to light up Abbotsford with Ausecuma Beats: ‘It’s amazing’

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DUSK NYE Open Air Festival set to light up Abbotsford with Ausecuma Beats: ‘It’s amazing’


While it feels like things are slowly getting back to normal in the world of music, there are still some artists out there who are easing back into the swing of things, and taking time to curate a space for audiences to dance, sing, and feel good.

One of these bands comes in the form of Ausecuma Beats, a Melbourne based collective featuring nine members from all corners of the Earth, led by master djembe player Boubacar Gaye, who told us all about their re-emergence into a revitalised live music scene.

Later this month, Ausecuma Beats are set to be joined by fellow talented musicians such as JK Group, Honey, and DJ JNETT for a massive NYE festival, called DUSK, run by Moor Music.

What you need to know

  • Date:31st December 2021
  • Time:Event runs over eleven hours, from 2 pm-1 am
  • Location:The Abbotsford Lot (launching late December 2021).
  • Music genres showcased: Afrobeat, Soul, Nu-Jazz, Funk, Electronic
  • Vibe: ‘Underground rave scene, 90s doof. NYE city fireworks will be visible from the venue.
  • Food: Victoria Street’s incredible Vietnamese food

Full DUSK lineup

Stay up to date with what’s happening in Melbourne here.

“So far we’ve done a few shows, but it’s good that things are slowly opening,” Boubacar said. “We’re preparing for a tour, we’re going to a few places in Sydney, and we’re playing Womadelaide, there’s a lot of exciting projects ahead.”

After one listen to the music Boubacar and his band creates, you will be transported to a different world, the amalgamation of different ethnicities and musical tastes creating a special sauce that brings out the very best sounds. The nine-piece hail from a range of different countries, each bringing a distinct style and mentality to music creation and live performing.

“When you mix energies, you’re getting the best sounds,” he continued. “We come from Cuba, Senegal, Mali and Australia, and everybody also teaches music, so when we sit down to create, we always try and create something new and special.

“We always talk about music, and we don’t think ‘You’re from Africa, so you just play reggae’, we try to bring different cultures together and serve our community, so they can see themselves somewhere in the music.”

Boubacar also notes that above all else, the music of Ausecuma Beats is for the people, so they can come and have a good time.

He says it’s particularly important for the group to create a relationship with the audience, their energetic music means to help people feel good about themselves, and make connections with each other.

“When we do our show, we also send a message for the audience to understand that we’re all going through the same things, we’re all going through difficult moments right now,” he said.

“But it’s up to us. Together we can move things, we are powerful human beings, and people can connect to the music we play, and be part of new movements so we can band together for a better future.”

DUSK is set to go down at the relatively new venue The Abbotsford Lot, a shipping container venue Boubacar notes he and Ausecuma Beats are very excited to play.

“It’s amazing how they put the shipping container around it and create a live music space,” he said. “It’s going to be exciting; we need more music right now. We invite all of our community to celebrate New Year’s, because we haven’t had much to celebrate during the last two years.”

The Moor Music Dusk Open Air Festival kicks off at 2pm on Friday December 31 at The Abbottsford lot, and will feature Ausecuma Beats, Honey, DJ JNETT, JK Group, RBI, Ajak Kwai, Teymori (DJ SET), Goodmood (UK), Empress, Mason Jordy and Melt DJs.

Buy tickets for DUSK here and check out more info on Ausecuma Beats on their socials here.