The best halal snack packs in Melbourne

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The best halal snack packs in Melbourne

HSP Melbourne
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The biggest and best HSPs around.

If there’s one good thing Pauline Hanson has done for Australia, it was popularising the halal snack pack – and even that’s a stretch, seeing as the halal-friendly dish rose to fame in spite of Hanson’s Islamaphobia. While the humble halal snack pack had already been around for decades, it became a highly sought after delicacy in 2016 when the One Nation party leader refused an invitation from Labor Senator Sam Dastyari to share a HSP.

A delicious concoction of hot chips and halal-certified doner kebab meat smothered in sauce, it’s no wonder the HSP sparked the formation of The Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society and took out Macquarie Dictionary’s People’s Choice Word of the Year in 2016. A culinary delight and cultural phenomenon all in one, we’ve put together a handy guide of the best spots in Melbourne to get your halal snack pack fix.

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Oz Kebabs

One particular visit to Oz Kebabs saw me buy a mixed kebab with tomato, lettuce and onion to the horror of the sedulous employees: “Haven’t you heard about the halal snack pack, son?”. I was completely oblivious and despite their incessant persuasion, I stood by my fatuous decision. Upon my return there was no hesitation, and never has hindsight been so cruel. The HSP is a no-brainer and as long as Oz keep frying those chips that 30 seconds more, they’ll be difficult to surpass.

Find Oz Kebabs at 30 Horne Street Sunbury.

Viva Kebabs

The midnight rush VS the daytime respite could be a way of accurately assessing a kebab shop’s trade. Many establishments of the sort earn the majority of their profits from the city’s nocturnal feasters, nevertheless, I was confronted with a line out the door upon my late morning arrival at Viva Kebabs. $12 and you have yourself a man-made mountain of HSP goodness. They’re better off calling it a BLDSP – a breakfast lunch dinner snack pack – such is the colossal nature of the meal. Choose lamb or chicken, not both, if you ever want to eat again.

Find Viva Kebabs at 3/546 Flinders Street, CBD.


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Jimmyz Kebabs

One concave of your Styrofoam foundation does not suffice when Jimmyz’ prepare their halal snack pack. Spread across the top and bottom pillars of your plastic casing is your typical chips and meat, while a drenching of sauces provides an irresistible topping. At $20, it’s not as conveniently priced, but you’ll find its value for money when your food baby grows to epic proportions.

Find Jimmyz Kebabs at 2/255 Dorset Road, Boronia.

Melbourne Kebab Station

Melbourne Kebab Station (MKS) prides itself on customer service. The ladies behind the counter are convincing. They know their HSP is good, and time after time they’re converting would-be client after would-be client. MKS’s employees are the essence of the halal snack pack evolution. Why not indulge in a complimentary Turkish delight while you wait? Otherwise, just sit and smell the heady fragrances radiating across the room as the HSP is stacked high, layer by layer.

Find Melbourne Kebab Station at 451 Sydney Rd, Coburg.

Little Bad Wolf

Kebab shops are a stark contrast from any other eatery. The spinning kebab rotisseries provide an alluring backdrop to a glass cabinet bequeathed with the freshest doner additions. Kebab artisans perform the continual circuit from the grill to the chopping board in what is one of the relentlessly curious elements of the kebab movement. It’s much the same at Little Bad Wolf, however you’re invited to sit down and enjoy your meal within a restaurant environment. The HSP is served on a plate and while the size might not ‘snack’ up to the others, it’s the little things, such as the precision in preparation which makes it special.

Find Little Bad Wolf at 234 Railway Parade, Noble Park.

Centreway Kebabs

There’s no sight more exciting in a kebab shop than witnessing your kebab being made with Turkish bread instead of mountain bread. It’s like an Italian restaurant opting to make their own pasta rather than opting for the packaged alternative and Centreway is revered for using Turkish bread baked daily. But how is their HSP? Well, as intelligently as they plate up their kebabs do they present their halal snack pack. They don’t try outdoing their competitors by adding unnecessary flair. They keep it simple, and it works a treat.

Find Centreway Kebabs at 25 Centreway, Keilor East.

Lambs on Richmond

Wait. I thought I ordered a halal snack pack, not a pizza? Many wonder the same thing when their HSP arrives before them at Lambs on Richmond. In order to remain competitive in an exceedingly congested market, pizza boxes are being sampled instead of styrofoam to maximise size and insulation. Puzzling at first, but ever so clever after a moment of confusion. Capping it off, Lambs on Richmond have moulded their HSP masterpiece impeccably for the pizza box arrangement. They cater for vegos too – substituting meat with tabouli and jalapenos.

Find Lambs on Richmond at 423 Church Street, Richmond.

Kebab 66

Approaching the name of Kebab 66 with literal appraisal may leave you perplexed. The number of America’s most storied route seems like an eccentric match for this twin kebab shop in Melbourne’s north. Nevertheless, the kebab evolution has paved a road well trampled. In which case, some solace for the name should be spared. Located in Thomastown and Roxburgh Park, this HSP is forged with a lot of heart and sees years of experience culminate for one of Melbourne’s most scrumptious combinations of chips, lamb, sauce and cheese.

Find Kebab 66 at 46 Mahoneys Road, Thomastown and 132-136 Somerton Road, Roxburgh Park.


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