Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Sliders On Tyres

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Sliders On Tyres


Tell us about Sliders On Tyres. Sliders on Tyres was founded by local Melbourne chef/entrepreneur, Owen Scungio. Inspired by the simplicity and casual approach to dining from the street food movement in the US, Scungio set out to bring a taste of it to Melbourne


When was Sliders On Tyres born? When the Gods spoke to us through a Big Mac burger. They said, ‘You must give the people real burgers the way a burger should be cooked in its purist form,’ and they also mentioned they must be half the size of a normal burger (slider size).


Where does Sliders On Tyres turn to for inspiration? As a team we like to bounce new and different ideas off each other and come up with something special. We all love comfort food at Sliders on Tyres and we love cheese. We’ll buy a good amount of cheese and stare at it and the inspiration starts flowing from there.


According to Sliders On Tyres what makes the perfect burger? We believe that simplicity is the best philosophy, but there’s a massive catch to that. If you are only going to have a few ingredients in a burger you need to make sure every one of them is respected, cooked perfectly, and super fresh.


What is the most ordered burger? By far our super cheesy cheeseburger. In summertime we can go through anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 per week. Many of our customers will double it up with a extra patty and take that slider into Beast Mode.